Warragul, the place that television reception forgot.

Are you one of the many customers in Warragul struggling with difficult, unstable, or plainly non existent television reception? You’re not the first person to express your anger at television reception problems locally. Fact is that there are many things that can be done to resolve television reception.

For one getting the right product installed in the right location is crucial. Many clients express their frustration at their new antenna or amplifier. Simply put a product being suitable for digital does not necessarily mean that it is designed for the local environment or the weak signals common around much of warragul.

Secondly the cabling needs to be intact and in good working order. If it is not, then it won’t work well. Older airspace, or rg59, 3c2v coaxes will have much higher losses on the gippsland or yarragon transmitter.

thirdly products need to be installed in the right spot and in such a way as not to compromise on securing your property. We do see many taller masts used in the wrong spot, and in many cases unnecessarily. It becomes a point of great annoyance as incorrectly wound guy wires, corrosion and taller masts may pose a safety risk to your property and the neighbours should the inevitable happen.

A high quality spectrum analyser and technician will be able to find the best spot on the roof to mount your digital television antenna. Substandard technicians or test equipment will compromise this result and will likely result in a compromised installation.

Should you have any questions, or if you need to contact an experienced local technician Andrew Lacey can be contacted on 0427004604.

Expert problem solving of Warragul’s worst tv reception issues