Has the switch to digital left you frustrated with poor and unstable television reception? Customers in Warragul, Drouin and the Mornington Peninsula often comment that despite numerous attempts to rectify their signal problems, they often struggle to get a stable television signal. At Antenna IQ we’re different, our best isn’t just mediocre, it’s state of the art products, industry best installation practices, great test equipment, and 19 years of experience. We find the missing pieces that fix your complex television reception issues


With the switch to digital products and technology continue progressing. Don’t get left behind. From digital OLED TVs, to wall mounting, surround sound, we have the know how to make television great again!

Antenna Installation

We can assist with all types of antenna installation. Did you know an amplifier can increase the signal to systems where there is not enough signal to run your setup stably? The right choice of amplifier, aerials and installer is crucial. Don’t get substandard components.

Antenna Installation in Drouin, Warragul and the Mornington Peninsula by Andrew Lacey

With over 19 years industry experience we have the know how you need to fix your television reception issues.

We only use the best quarter wave antennas and low distortion amplifiers from Australia and Europe ensuring you get good reliable results both now and into the future.

We use the latest high speed spectrum analysers to quickly diagnose and fix problems where others technicians have failed.

We carry a range of antennas designed to cover all reception conditions across Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula and Gippsland, in particular Warragul and Drouin. We also specialise in C band satellite, foxtel and insurance work ensuring that every job that we do is done to the highest standard to ensure reliability that will last the test of time even in the wildest of Melbourne’s weather conditions.

Need to upgrade?

Is your MATV system not up to task? Don’t put up with faulty or wrongly specified amplifiers that cannot handle the signal levels required to drive your owner’s corporation, nursing home, retirement village or pub? A system needs to be catered for your specific application.  Backed up with over 19 years of expertise, we’ll balance your system’s levels so you don’t waste time explaining why your antenna system isn’t working. Avoid hundreds of cranky residents. Call on our expertise today.

Major Service Areas

Drouin, Warragul and Neerim South, all feature some of the most difficult topography, and distance both making choice of antennas, amplifiers, and correct installation and locating the best signal path mission critical when it comes to getting outstanding television reception. Antenna Works

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