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VAST CAM and TDT remodulate digital TV reception in a blackspot area. You can convert VAST digital TV into a genuine digital TV DVBT signal. A high quality, digital to digital lossless conversion. No stuffing around with VAST decoder boxes, you simply use your digital TV with inbuilt digital tuner from the one remote, changing channels like your TV was intended to. Receive all local channels via satellite using our high quality VAST CAM and QPSK to COFDM TDT! Ring now for an amazing price on an incredible product! Suitable for MDUs, Hotels, Motels, Holiday apartments, Strata body corporate management of TV.

Digital modulation…

Getting real surround sound

We can design a system for you even if your house is still being built. Sound to multiple rooms? Easy. Need your speaker cables concealed? No problem. Want detail and life in your music and movies? Ask us about in wall/ceiling speakers. We use the best possible products to have you listening to every detail of your favourite movie or music.

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An amplifier can increase the signal to systems where there is not enough signal to run your setup stably. The right choice of amplifier is critical. Let us guide you so that you have the right amplifier for you.

Concealed/Discreet cabling

Cabling is not just about stuffing lots of copper inside a wall. Each cable must be specifically chosen for the right job. Performance is critical. Choosing the right cabling will save you time, money, and critically will get you the best picture and sound and will future proof your investment. Cabling should be run in such a way as to make the cabling as discreet as possible. We deal with Optic fibre, RG11 quadshield, RG6Q quadshield, HDMI and Cat6E cabling with baluns to ensure precise reproduction of vision and sound.

Building a new home?

Let us design a solution that suits you. Sound and vision is very important in a modern home design. Good cabling should be used to ensure that you like what you see and hear. We can install in wall and in ceiling speakers from several well known manufacturers.

Need more TV & Internet points?

Ring us to organise for additional data and television points..

Digital Modulation

Modulation is best defined as a waveform or frequency.

Why is it important:

Modulation is the method of transfer of every form of radio signal be it television, radio or internet protocol.

In Australia we use COFDM 8K (8000 carrier) spread over a 7Mhz frequency spectrum. The objective of digital is to retain the integrity of the transmitted signal.

Every television sold inside of Australia comes with a tuner suited for COFDM, so what happens when your apartment block, hotel, motel, resort, retirement village, caravan park. All these places can have problems receiving a conventional COFDM television signal. There has to be a reliable, cost effective solution.

The signal in these areas is received from a satellite transmission. In blackspot areas this signal is called VAST. Up until very recently the only way to receive this system has been to put a UEC VAST box on every television, at a cost of $279.

There is a better solution:

What is a TDT? A TDT is a transparent digital trans modulator. It converts one form of digital signal into another digital signal. It requires the ability to process the signal including all error protection protocols and digital video and sound streams to convert it into another signal. No image quality loss from down-converting to outdated composite inputs. It sounds very simple, so what’s the hitch?

Modern encryption algorithms. Why? People pay good money for a service, and they want to protect it. The owner of the broadcast specifies a CAM, a Conditional Access module. This computerised card contains the information to communicate with the TDT.

So we need a satellite signal, a CAM, a TDT, and a signal to make the system work. The TDT is then configured via a computer programme. One TDT can see one transponder at a time. VAST is spread over numerous transponders.

This will give the maximum number of Freeview/VAST services at the highest quality and most reliable throughput of every channel. With all the extra services, will your clients have the same reliance on expensive foxtel/austar services? Likely not.

Our TDTs are made from the latest in swedish technology and offer the customer the ability to feed other digital inputs be it foxtel/austar, security cameras, in house channels or foreign content.

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