Don’t autotune! Auto tune is a television’s often sporadic way on tuning into what it thinks is the local transmitter. Most televisions do this on the basis of whatever transmitter is found first. As a television tunes from lowest to highest frequencies, a local transmitter such as Red Light Hill (Albury) will typically be replaced by the transmitter from Mount Baranduda, unless a specific band pass filter has been fitted this can be a problem, as this is the not always give the most stable reception.

In the case of having no professional test equipment you may be able to use the signal tester built into the set and take your time looking over any possible issues with your television reception, use the myswitch site.

Amplifier issues are one of the main problems that people have. If the signals are not strong enough, or balanced, a domestic masthead amplifier will not correct this. Typically the easiest fix is to do a site test with a spectrum analyser, find the best signal from the choice of local transmitters and tune to that transmitter.

Andrew Lacey from Antenna IQ has over 23 years of local expertise with digital television antenna, FM reception and AM radio. He carries a broad range of television antennas, filters and amplifiers to suit any application. He has the most advanced digital spectrum analyser so that you are not left in the dark when it comes to tracking television reception issues. With our fair go pricing policy and industry best practice, we can fix your issues guaranteed.