With over 20 years of MATV experience, Foxtel approved MATV designs installed and repaired, Andrew Lacey from Antenna IQ is the television antenna specialist that can fix your large hotel, motel, or owners corporate MATV system. Don’t put up with substandard systems annoying your residents and clients. Call Andrew today!

We specialise in advanced MATV, CATV, SMATV, SMS and Pay tv 5 wire systems. We carry a range of products including Fracarro K series, Spaun, Alcad, Hills, Ikusi (class A and SBM-100 series), modulators digital and analogue as well as Kingray products.

We can balance your headend. There’s far more to installing an MATV headend than plugging parts in. Levels need to be balanced and filtered. Don’t underdrive, or overdrive your channels, install the power transformers, filters, couplers and splitters, terminators, multiswitches and channels processors to get you the best possible reception and simplify the solution so you don’t need a Doctorate in Rocket Science to make it work!