Here’s a scenario that we often run across: poor digital television reception in McCrae. A customer calls asking why we should fix their television reception. It’s been ten years since they had decent television reception. They’ve spent thousands of dollars and they still can’t watch their tv without continual pixellation, clicking or popping.

The customer is complaining about the symptom, constant breakup. It’s up to the technician to determine the cause of the troubles. Is it an amplifier? The cable, amplifier, power supply? Maybe one of hundreds of switch mode power supplies? Solar panels?

Without the right equipment, a real time spectrum analyser, and the right expertise, finding the cause of your issues can be more than a swap and hope job.

We guarantee results. In many cases, one fault has been created in fixing another. Demand quality and call the best, Andrew Lacey from Antena IQ today on 0427004604