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Are digital TV reception issues getting your goat? Do you have Interference issues? Are you looking to have a quality digital television antenna installed in Pakenham? Dropouts, pixellation, disruption to sound and video? Is your Antenna, Amplifier, cabling, splitters or connections not up to scratch? Andrew Lacey from Antenna IQ can help. Our antennas have as much as 10x more signal than inferior digital combination antennas. Our performance quarter wave yagis target the reception problems common to Pakenham. Correct installation will ensure the best performance and reliability. Talk to Andrew about the best solution for your television reception issues.

Television Antenna reception issues in Pakenham have caused many of our customers to have issues with poor, little or no television reception.

There are hundreds of potential issues from faulty flyleads, the surrounding environment (which is generally quite difficult for the reception of a good signal on the ABC services), faulty or wrong aerials, external interference, cabling or connection issues. These problems all lead to the dreaded pixellation, bad or no signal warnings. The influx of ultra low cost products and inferior installation techniques have caused more problems than they’ve solved often generating short term band aid solutions. So what makes us different? We carefully look over the entire system to find the problem, using a real time spectrum analyser, then work efficiently to resolve it. No guess and hope or wait and see, we use the best technology and skills to diagnose your issues. We’ve spent the last 19 years honing our skills investing in the best available test equipment and spectrum analysers, learning waveform patterns, harmonics, noise and distortion patterns to get a better understanding of the causes of television reception problems. We understand the complex issues that affect modern television reception systems from the smallest to the largest systems.

Difficult television reception issues in Pakenham over the last 21 years have guided our newly developed range of antennas for the Pakenham area. Our quality solutions include our range of high gain quarter wave yagis built using the latest in computer aided design and simulation to achieve signals as much as ten times stronger than competitors products. Our products balance signals of difficult channels including the ABC without costing the earth.

At Antenna IQ we have over 17 years experience in fixing client’s TV reception, specialising in digital television, vision and sound.

We use the latest in digital test equipment, understand diagnostic problem solving, and use only quality fittings, masting and cabling. At Antenna IQ we know what it means to do a job well and offer expert antenna installation services.

antennaAndrew Lacey from Antenna IQ has the know how to get it done, and get it right the first time.

Update: Clients receiving reception from Latrobe Valley will have observed that on some older televisions 7flix cannot be received due to conversion to mpeg4 (also called h.264). On many older Panasonic televisions this can be easily rectified. Simply go into the tuning menu and select add mpeg4 avc. Select Okay. then push the power button off and on again. Turn on television and select okay. This will commence autotuning.

By going into the tuning menu, selecting add avc-mpeg4 and then following the prompts you should be able to update the firmware so that it supports mpeg4 as some broadcast services are progressively upgraded. Please attempt this prior to buying a new television set.