Whilst Langwarrin is generally a good television reception area, from time to time we have customers with difficult digital television reception and antenna issues.

Are you aware that correct choice of digital television antenna, antenna location and correct termination of coaxial cables, splitters, taps and amplifiers are crucial in getting good television reception. Due to the hills in the area, some clients have difficulty with getting good, stable television signals. It is for this reason we recommend the installation of a good quarter wave digital antennas, we can supply and install. Inferior digital combination aerials don’t have the 10x signal strength advantage that runs in our favor when compared to most conventional digital combination antennas.

Correct placement of antennas is crucial in getting the best signal. Again for this reason a well trained technician familiar with the area can get you optimal digital television reception.

Andrew Lacey from Antenna IQ has been installing television antennas around Langwarrin, Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula for over 18 years. He is a local and believes that the right tools, technoogy and persistance are essential in getting the best possible television reception.

He can also wall mount televisions, add television outlets, install mulitroom music, fix your netflix streaming issues and many more.

Why not call Andrew Lacey today on 0427004604 ?