Antenna Installation job in Mount Martha 1/5/17 fix of a “fix”

It’s a fact. We do heaps of insurance work in Mount Martha, a massive amount. We also have a lot of customers with strange and various television reception issues. Sometimes the customer has already paid out good money to get an issue fixed. Today’s customer was one such person.

A mast on a mast. A little like a spongecake with some bolts in the middle right? Ah, no a tall mast without any additional supports, that’ll make the mast unbalanced. Mount Martha is a high wind load area and sometimes, it just makes sense to put the right antenna in the right spot on your roof where the signals are strong, and a huge mast is not required. This will save you loosing your television reception, but also enable you to have piece of mind knowing that your home in beautiful beachside Mount Martha, won’t be subject to storm damage and the stress that goes with it.

The aerial also had all the element secured into place backwards. Due to the design of an antenna the location of an antenna element is vital as both the length of the elements and the distance between them tune the aerial.

So here’s what we did. We measured the signals from the local Arthurs Seat/Safety Beach transmitter and received excellent signal 1e-08 and an mer of greater than 32dB. Wow, that’s a good signal. We mounted the aerial on a short tile roof mount (four foot tall) and sealed under the bracket with silicon and around the mount holes. We choose the run the cable through a roof tile at a peak as it avoids compression of the coax, which can cause reflection of the signal and even shorting of the coax.

We recommend against using cheap low cost chinese amplifiers as we often get calls – it does it some times and not others and we don’t know why. Use good quality test equipment and good materials and you won’t have to worry. I don’t.

In short a good aerial installed the wrong way, or installed on the wrong mount or on the wrong spot, is no longer a good aerial. Like with any job, the result is a combination of factors: the skill of the person doing the job, the materials used and the tools used to do the job, so it’s not always entirely reasonable to compare the personality of the tradesman, the car he drives, the shoes he wears or even the price of the job. It comes down to care, experience and having the right tools.

Antenna IQ fixes television reception in Mount Martha, Mornington, Mount Eliza, Hastings, Rosebud and the rest of the Mornington Peninsula.