Are you on a non NBN address, forced to use 4g mobile and yet stuck with crummy internet? Are you struggling with bad or difficult, patchy phone reception on your property in Mornington, Mount Eliza, Frankston South or Mooroduc? Is it stopping you from running your business, doing your job, or just being social and chatting with your friends? Do you want fast internet 10 or 20 times faster than what you currently are suffering with? Imagine getting a reliable internet connection, or phone conversations that don’t just cut in and out. It is possible. We are the Mornington Peninsula’s sole approved reseller and installer of the Cel-Fi Go and Cel-fi Pro. We offer 19 years of local expertise in dealing with television, radio and cellphone reception issues.

Get yourself out of the embarrassment of no signal, or getting stuck outside in the weather to take that important phone call. We have solutions to suit MVNOs including Amaysim, Virgin Mobile, Aldi mobile, and many more. Call us for a quote today.