Do you have interference with your antenna or digital television reception in Balnarring? Andrew Lacey from Antenna IQ is the local choice when it comes to fast, professional rectification of all digital television and reception issues. We fix television reception issues and install the antennas for the best possible digital television reception in Balnarring. With 21 years local expertise and the latest high speed digital spectrum analysers we have both the skills and the right tools to fix any digital television reception issue.

We carry antennas from established brands including Hills, Kingray and Fracarro. Engineering is incredibly important. If an antenna is not designed or installed correctly it will not achieve a stable viewing result. Pixellation, popping, and bad or no signal warnings are annoying.

We test every system to accurately diagnose the cause of any reception issues. This saves you time and money.

Need to upgrade?

We provide consultive services to upgrade your system and make it fully digital ready. Everything from the latest in amplifier, antenna, cabling and distribution technology to ensure that your system works in Balnarring. We use only the latest quality test equipment.

So if you need an antenna installed, choose Antenna IQ to get the job done right the first time.

Need an amplifier?

Amplifiers are a product that need to be carefully installed and selected. Unless reasonable levels are being fed into the correct amplifier results can be far from ideal. Our latest products utilise GaasFet technology to ensure stable results.

LTE filter?

LTE filters are a great way to reduce noise from Long Term Evolution also called 4G cellphone towers. Mobile phone towers now use the channels 52-69 that were previously assigned to television frequencies creating issues for wideband amplifiers and some less selective television tuners. A filter also increases insertion loss and should not be used in lieu of finding and fixing other issues within a television antenna system.