Antenna Installation Bentleigh EastAre you having annoying interference issues in Bentleigh East? Andrew Lacey from Antenna IQ has over 20 years of local expertise. Every antenna is installed using the latest digital spectrum analysers and industry best practices. Utilizing only the best antennas and materials we are there to get the job done right the first time and be assured of a result that will last just like they used to..

Frustrated by poor tv reception?

We fix issues with existing systems. from original design issues, LTE interference, cabling problems, Antenna IQ have what it takes to diagnose and fix the most complex television reception issues. We use quality products from Fracarro, Alcad, Hills, and Ikuzi. You can be sure that our products are designed for the best television reception now, and in the future.

Amplifier or Booster installation?

Many issues in Bentleigh are caused by too much signal! Bentleigh is very close to Mount Dandenong. This means that in most instances it is totally unnecessary to have any amplifier. Sometimes in larger systems a specialised high headroom, low distortion amplifier is required to provide signal to drive a larger MATV system. If you’re having problems why not rely on our expertise?

Need to upgrade?

We provide consultive services to upgrade your system and make it digital ready. Everything from the latest in amplifier, antenna, cabling and distribution technology to ensure that your system works in Bentleigh East. We use only the latest quality test equipment.

So if you need an antenna installed, choose AntennaIQ to get the job done right the first time. Call Andrew Lacey today on 0427004604