Free on site quotes, if your time is previous to you this is one promise to avoid. Nothing is free, especially not your time. If you’ve taken a day off to wait for someone to turn up, be aware you may end up paying a very high price regardless of the eventual result.

Lowest price for an antenna. We don’t guarantee the lowest price on the cheapest aerial. We do believe in a fair price for a quality job, plastic cleets, rivets, low quality interconnects, splitters, amplifiers, and brackets, or just incorrect installation are not included in our price. In fact we charge enough so that after 17 years in business we intend to be in business for at least another 17 years, we back all of our work and our call back rate is the lowest in the industry due to the best work practices and materials.

Are you still looking for the cheapest television antenna? Please call us for a quote. You may be surprised at how affordable quality materials and workmanship are. We want to please our customers. Our excellent reviews and 17 years of satisfied customers are a reflection of the way we do our work.

We understand the digital television and antenna reception and interference issues in Pakenham, the local transmitters, reception issues with the ABC, SBS, and even other channels, 7, 9, and 10, and what lasts.