Clyde North’s dependable television Antenna installation and repair service technician. Free on site quotes? Nothing is free, ever. Remember the old door to door salesmen routine, you agree to a time for them to come back and give you a free no obligation sales presentation in your home? There is one thing that plays into the hands of the salesman: time. Time is something that is not free. Most people use it to work, some take care of children or even dependant adults. Regardless, if you’ve agreed to take time doing something important and are now taking a high pressure sales presentation with a huge markup, likely with unsavoury business practices and products, all in your time, not theirs, someone will end up paying for the ‘free’ part. Typically the price is rarely either cheap or good value and as there are more cheap products on the market than good, this is something that we suggest our clients best avoid.

Lowest price for an antenna. This is something we at Antenna IQ don’t offer. Why not? We know the difference between an antenna, a amplifier, a fitting, a splitter, coaxial cable, wall plates that last and what does not. We believe in a sustainable price for all work. We have been in business for 17 years and we intend to be in business for 17 more years, at least. We back all our work and our call back rate is the industry benchmark due to best available work practices and materials.

Are you still looking for the cheapest television antenna? Please call us for a quote. You may be suprised at how affordable an excellent job really is. Quality materials and workmanship are not expensive. We want to please our customers, that is where we excel and our reviews are a reflection of our designs on pursuing professional excellence in our service.

We understand the complexities of digital television reception and interference issues in Clyde North including seven, nine, sbs, ten and ABC network services.