Antenna Installation Cape SchanckDo you have issues with your digital television reception. TV Antenna, amplifiers or cabling not up to scratch? With more than 19 years of local television experience in Cape Schanck and the most advanced digital test equipment and knowledge, Andrew Lacey from Antenna IQ has the know how to fix all your television reception issues. We do it right for long lasting results.

We don’t stop with the latest test equipment. Having the best available diagnostic data isn’t enough. To be truly technically competent a technician must have the skills to correctly interpret all the available data.

Lowest Price for an antenna? We don’t guarantee the ‘best’ price on the cheapest aerial. We do believe in a fair price for a quality job, our materials, test equipment, work processes, are vastly superior to our competition. 17 years of goodwill from clients, referrals and good reputation are what we rely on.

Are you are looking for the cheapest price for an antenna on the Mornington Peninsula? Please call us for a quote. You may be surprised to learn how affordable quality materials and workmanship are.

It is a well known fact that not all aerials are made the same. Loose elements cause periodic drop out on all channels. Gain, return loss, frequency response are all factors to consider when choosing an aerial. We use aerials from reputable suppliers.

Amplifiers are a key cause of grief. A good amplifier should be able to withstand both voltage variations and static discharge. Most cheaper chinese amplifiers use poor quality linear power injectors (which don’t protect your amplifiers from brownouts), little or no LTE filtering, very high IMD (intermodulation distortion), and poor reliability. Speak to us about our range of ultra low distortion (noise) amplifiers today.

Many of our customers have spent days attempting to diagnose a simple antenna system issue. We believe that we offer the best available diagnostic service on the Mornington Peninsula. If you don’t believe us, google our reviews.

Looking for a fast, reliable and affordable antenna installation service in Cape Schanck? AntennaIQ have the know how to get it done, and get it right the first time. Every antenna is installed by a highly experienced technician who has installed hundred’s of antennas around Cape Schanck. Using the latest in testing and reception alignment equipment, we are their to get the job done right the first time.