Antenna Installation Carrum DownsIf you’re having television and antenna reception issues in Carrum Downs, Andrew Lacey from Antenna IQ is just the bloke to call. With over 17 years of local expertise and the latest test equipment, he has the know how to fix any television issues.

Andrew can also install new television outlets, video distribution systems, satellite television, install and wall mount your new or existing television, repairs to foxtel systems, bluray players, or life like surround sound.

Correct equipment and installation is crucial with getting stable television reception. We also carry antennas and a range of associated filters and amplifiers from a range of reputable suppliers, ensuring you not only have stable television reception now, but also into the future.

LED downlights may cause television reception issues in some areas as many do not have the prerequisite switch mode regulation to limit the rf noise emissions from these globes (particularly of the mr16 globe).

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