Over 17 years of local expertise have made Antenna IQ the company of choice for customers in Cranbourne South. Building a new house? Your house is one of the largest investments you will ever make. Why risk it? You can depend on Andrew Lacey from Antenna IQ to install a quality antenna that will last, perform brilliantly, not cause your roof to leak, and not devalue your property due to poor aesthetics.

We can also install television points, wall mount televisions and deliver high quality surround sound and multi room audio solutions to suit your listening preferences.

Making your new system work together, making it look great, sound true to life. Get the most enjoyment from your new property with a solution from Antenna IQ.

Do you have an existing property? Andrew can also find the cause of your every television reception issue. With the latest high speed digital spectrum analyser he knows how to solve your problems, FAST!