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Are you having digital television interference in Emerald? Being surrounded by the rolling hills of the Dandenong Ranges, sure has it’s benefits, good television reception isn’t one of them, or at least it used to be. Not every antenna is made the same. By using products designed and built for optimal gain, return loss, and frequency response and using the correct testing and installation methods great results are now possible where they used to be much, much harder. Using the latest in testing and reception alignment equipment, we are their to get the job done right the first time, isolating any issues in record time, saving you the customer time and money.

Don’t know which antenna to buy?

We carry a range of products designed to get you the best television reception both now and into the future. By researching the best products from several of the largest antenna manufacturers we are able to ensure competitive pricing, but also durable results. Beamwidth, gain, return loss, and frequency response are all design characteristics that set a basic antenna apart from a successful antenna providing stable television reception. We carry a range of low noise amplifiers with inbuilt filtering suitable for the local vicinity.

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