Television reception in Drouin, has always been a little bit difficult. To help you with getting the best possible television reception we have put together five basic steps to check your television reception. Always be aware that your safety is foremost. Please always ensure that adequate safety precautions, PPE and working with height equipment is used. Always put your safety first.

Be aware that most television manufacturers have an easily accessible signal indicator built in. Please see your television’s manual for more information. We use only the latest quality test equipment.

    1. Check all wiring and connections. If you check the connections and find that there are braid wires wound around the centreconductor (the single solid wire on the coax) then unwind the shorted ‘hairs’ and reterminate, restripping the coax if necessary.

    2. The quality of your splitters are important. Don’t count on cheap, cheap often means nasty, and with all things television antenna related you’ll get a complementary headache trying to figure the issue out.

    3. If you have a masthead amplifier on your antenna system ensure it has power to run it. Many systems use either multiport splitters which are either diode controlled (which often fail on the power pass) or are all ports power pass uncontrolled (these can ground back through the chassis of your television, or my preference a good quality one port power pass.

      Amplifiers do cause many problems are are often installed unnecessarily, or are even faulty. If you find that signal strength on your television is still reasonable, consider running your television without an amplifier and power supply (the two common components to a masthead amplifier). Cellphone transmitters can also provide problems with unfiltered amplifiers (many current models still are unfiltered).

    4. Check which television transmitter you should be running from on the myswitch website.

    5. Check the condition and location of your aerial on your roof. This is best done by a professional with a spectrum analyser.

Should you need a professional installer Andrew Lacey can be contacted on 0427004604.

Intereference can be best diagnosed utilising a spectrum analyser to find the relevant frequency, from correct diagnosis a solution can then be utilized.

Areas we service include: Drouin, Warragul, Neerim South, Darnum, Warragul, Yarragon, Trafalgar, and Traralgon