Your television is attractive to small fingers. There’s more to it than just little fingers leaving fingerprints.

Mother’s safety plea at inquest into death of toddler crushed by TV

By Joanna Menagh
Updated 5 Apr 2016, 3:26pm

Megan Camelleri, “I just urge people to either put the TV on the wall or use the straps that you can purchase at the shops.”
“You could say the TV itself is not particularly heavy, but if it gets your child in the wrong spot it can be lethal.”

In Australia there are no requirements for the correct mounting of televisions. Incorrect mounting of a television can cause the television to fall with enough blunt force to even kill a grown adult. We advise our clients to not take shortcuts on electrical wiring and to allow 150mm seperation or a physical barrier between any antenna, audio visual, or communications cabling and power cables to reduce risk of interference, induction, and to minimize risk of electric shock. Don’t take the risk, get it done by an expert.

Antenna IQ offer both solutions for digital television reception and distribution and also the safe correct mounting of televisions for both your safety and aesthetic pleasure.

If you are moving from house to house and un wall mounting your television please ensure that correct original screws and tabletop stands are used. TVs may be secured using a securing strap mounted to the chassis of the television.

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