Andrew Lacey from AnAntenna Installation Frankstontenna IQ has the know how to fix any television reception issues.

With over 17 years of honest friendly service, Andrew Lacey is a trusted name in Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula. He carries a range of products which offer not only excellent television reception but our exclusive fair go pricing.

We intentionally use products that ensure excellent, stable, clear television reception and durable results.

We can help you with anything from antenna installations, LTE issues, repairs and digital upgrades. But our services don’t just end there, we also offer

  • Home theatre set ups

  • Additional TV points installation

  • A wide variety of new antennas

With over 17 years we’re a local favourite. Read some of our reviews

Thinking of installing an Amplifier/Booster?

Amplifiers are sometimes used to mask issues with a weak or poor signal. An amplifier cannot make a bad signal good. If you are having issues with TV reception it’s not only easier but often cheaper than spending days toiling, often without any formal training or equipment, over an issue that can be easily rectified with the right test equipment, easily and conveniently.