Do you have ongoing intermittent interference to your digital television reception in Flinders? Kayo or Netflix being a pain in the derriere? Are you having issues with wifi, data, or mobile phone reception? Rely on our expertise. Flinders is known to locals as a difficult area to get stable and clear television reception. Locals can depend on a specialist antenna technician with the latest real time digital spectrum analyser. Our knowledge of issues specific to the Flinders and a range of high performance narrow band, quarter wave antennas to get you signal strength as much as 10x greater than equivalent digital combination antennas.

Looking for someone honest, reliable and with the right knowledge to sort out all your difficult TV antenna installation and repairs? Andrew Lacey from Antenna IQ has over 19 years of local experience in Flinders. He knows how to get great, stable television reception where others fail.

Andrew uses product solutions especially developed as a result of our 18 years of local expertise. We can get results where others cannot. Our Narrow band quarter wave antennas have gain as much as ten times higher due to superior engineering principles and made from quality materials, when correctly installed to ensure excellent results that last.

Andrew says that the key to good results is not just great products, but also using the right tools for optimal signal and correct installation ensures long lasting results.

“We don’t resort to using cheap materials. We want our customers to recommend us because of the long lasting quality work we do on the Mornington Peninsula.”

Life like surround sound. The very concept of surround sound is one that has been lost with simulated surround sound, essentially arrays of front mounted speakers and computer effects cannot trick the brain into complete spatial awareness. The reality is we don’t fully understand why people perceive sound differently, this is called psych-accoustics, what we do know is that if a speaker is placed behind the listener, it will sound like it is behind the listener. Good quality speakers produce the most realistic sound. Correct placement is essential in getting the best surround sound.

Don’t settle for substandard television reception. Call Andrew Lacey from Antenna IQ today 0427004604

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Mornington, Shoreham, Somers, Sorrento, Rosebud and Portsea.