Do you have digital television reception issues in Mornington? Call Andrew Lacey today on 0427004604 If you have moved home and need a quality digital television antenna or have issues with stable digital television reception there is one number to call for expert, dependable service on the Mornington Peninsula 0427004604. With over 20 years of expertise, the best test equipment, knowledge, specialised aerials (our quarter wave antennas have up to 10x the gain of inferior combination antennas), filters and amplifiers suited to Mornington you are guaranteed fast results and quality workmanship.

We don’t compromise on materials and use high quality quarter wave antennas for excellent reception of digital television signals in Mornington with signal performance at least 10x a conventional digital combination antenna.

We are also experts in television installation and wall mounting. While were there we can also mount your television to ensure that you get the best possible look, space utilization and safety in any room.

We only use the best materials from industry suppliers that have been around for decades. We don’t settle for second rate products and neither should you. We choose products based on their suitability for local channels and durability close to the sea.

The right materials and correct installation are crucial in getting you excellent television reception that lasts.

Don’t settle for poor tv reception. Call Andrew Lacey from Antenna IQ today on 0427004604.