Antenna repair and Installation OfficerDo you have interference issues with your current digital television antenna? Are you one of the many with a ‘digital’ antenna that doesn’t pick up stable television reception? Does your new house need stable digital television reception in Officer? Are you having issues with digital television reception? Is your ‘digital’ antenna up to the task that modern televisions require? Many locals in Officer complain about digital television reception. The ABC can be a real pain to the east of Beaconsfield. Many other issues can be caused by damaged or faulty television antennas, amplifiers, or switch mode power transformer interference. Not any more. Andrew Lacey from Antenna IQ has over 20 years of local expertise. With our unique antenna solutions, combined with the latest in high speed digital spectrum analysers and the best materials chosen specifically for the Officer/Pakenham area, Andrew Lacey can fix any digital television reception issues.

We don’t take shortcuts to make a few extra dollars, instead we rely on recommendations from customers who are glad to recommend our company. Our work is done with reliability, performance and aesthetics in mind, ensuring you the customer get the best television reception available at any price and for much less than you might expect.

Amplifiers are important, as is the correct build of amplifier. Select the wrong one or amplify a more powerful signal and it becomes very easy to overdrive either your amplifier or the tuner of your television. Antenna choice based on not only reliability but gain, return loss, front to back ratio and capture area. The correct selection of antenna and amplifier will ensure a reliable result that will stand the test of time.

Call Andrew Lacey today to discuss your television antenna reception needs. We can also help you out with all your surround sound, data cabling and communications needs.