Antenna Installation PearcedaleAndrew Lacey from Antenna IQ is trusted by Peacedale locals for getting good clear digital television reception, even when the pixellation, picture cutting out, and channels disappear for no sane reason.

Andrew can track and repair antenna, cabling and amplifier faults making good use of his state of the art real time spectrum analyser and 19 years of digital television expertise.

We carry a range of highly specialised quarter wave digital antennas that have as much as 10x more gain than common garden variety digital antennas.

Andrew understands interference and can track all sorts of issues from LED downlights, LED, faulty switch mode power supplies, to electric motors.

Need to upgrade?

We provide consultive services to upgrade your system and make it digital ready. Everything from the latest in amplifier, antenna, cabling and distribution technology to ensure that your system works in Pearcedale. We use only the latest quality test equipment.

So if you need an antenna installed, choose AntennaIQ to get the job done right the first time.