Antenna Installation SomersAre you having annoying interference issues with digital television in Somers? Antenna issues? Do you have digital television reception issues in Somers? Phone reception issues? Problems getting that darned smart tv connected to the internet? Fret no longer. Locals from Somers call Andrew Lacey from Antenna IQ to fix all their tv woes in this known difficult television area. Andrew has over 21 years of local expertise fixing television reception and antenna issues in Somers. We can also wall mount and integrate your smart television for the best possible experience. Using the latest advanced real time test equipment and products designed to work with the weak local television signals common to the area, built to last in our tough local environment, you’re assured long lasting results from our quarter wave narrow band antennas and extremely low noise amplifiers, not just hollow promises. At Antenna IQ we aim to excel and create television reception solutions that last, all at very competitive costs.

We can also help to correctly configure your smart television and surround sound, ensuring that you have the best possible vision and sound for your viewing pleasure. Correct configuration of any smart device is crucial for reliable operation.

Ask us about our range of home theatre, surround sound, ceiling speakers and discreet subwoofer solutions.