Antenna Installation SorrentoAre you having annoying issues with television interference? Sorrento is well known for being a difficult television reception issues.

Andrew Lacey from Antenna IQ uses quality quarter wave antennas ensuring the best possible television reception. With correct installation signals up to 10x better than conventional combination digital antennas are easily achieved. The highest quality materials also ensure the longest possible service life.

With the right antenna and amplifier you too can have good, clear and stable digital television reception. Call Andrew Lacey from Antenna IQ, today on 0427004604. With over 19 years of local expertise and guaranteed results, what are you waiting for?

We can also safely and neatly wall mount your television, install life like surround sound, conceal cabling, add additional television points. Install additional foxtel points and install video distribution systems to suit any installation. Andrew can custom design a solution to meet your requirements, or fix any existing system.

If you have an issue that needs a solution on the Mornington Peninsula, why delay? We have the solution. call Andrew now.

Areas we service include: Rosebud, Shoreham, Dromana, Mornington, Somerville, Hastings, Somers, Red Hill and Main Ridge.