Do you have digital television interference in Port Melbourne? Digital Antennas can be obstructed by a range of taller buildings, cranes, not to mention the complexity of modern MATV systems.

Selection of correct antennas, amplifiers correct installation, precise balancing of signal levels and specfic system design make all the difference in the success and ongoing reliable operation of any larger MATV system.

Many systems older than 5 years old with sub optimal systems face constant breakdown of power components, not to mention LTE (long term evolution 4G phone signals) overdriving your headend.

Andrew Lacey from Antenna IQ has over 22 years of local expertise in designing, installing and repairing complex and simple television antenna headends. With the latest high speed digital spectrum analyser and fast reliable service your tenants won’t be messed around waiting for a resolution to all their digital television issues and best of all you’ll be able to get onto the other owners corporation issues that matter.

We carry a range of MATV and SMATV amplifiers suitable for systems ranging in size from sole dwellings up to thousands of apartments. Got big issues? We’re here to help.