Antenna Installation RosebudAndrew Lacey from Antenna IQ is the television expert locals call from for all their television antenna repairs and installation. With more than 17 years of local expertise and the most advanced digital test equipment available on the market, the most durable and effective antennas for the Rosebud, Capel Sound and Tootgarook areas.

We have a range of antennas that cater to the Capel Sound and Rosebud areas. Specially designed for the local frequencies to optimise signals and also ensure long lasting results in the local area. Our quarter wave yagi antennas have as much as 10 times more gain than our competitor’s antennas. Our state of the art installation and diagnostic equipment ensures the best possible signal and reliable television viewing.

We also mount televisions, install life like surround sound and install television outlets. We have the know how to fix every satellite, Foxtel, or television, sound and video distribution solutions specific to your application.