Antenna Installation, Amplifier repair, digital tv in MelbourneLet’s talk about TV reception and antenna issues in Melbourne and what makes your problem unique. Every job is different. there are several available tv towers that cover the Melbourne CBD, even a satellite service for blackspot areas. Many jobs have has several partial or incomplete repairs, that have almost fixed reception issues, but with time, poor connections, splitters, faults or corrosion need to be identified and properly repaired.

With over 18 years of local expertise, antenna products and accessories from established manufacturers with over 50 years of engineering experience, Antenna IQ is the obvious choice for television antenna reception solutions for every digital reception issue.

Don’t know which antenna to buy?

Antenna selection is specific to each job. Without the correct selection of antenna and antenna placement, your system may not work optimally. We carry a range of high quality antennas to suit the many local transmitters available to service both the melbourne CBD and metropolitan areas. We use and recommend a range of products from manufacturers including Kingray and Fracarro Radioindustries. We ensure that products are both well made and well designed, ensuring you get the best television reception, not just for the next few months but for well into the future.

SMATV, MATV, MDU – multiple dwelling units, hotels, hospitals, retirement homes/villages. Need to upgrade?

We can upgrade your system and make it digital compatible. Our services cover everything from the latest amplifier, antenna, cabling and distribution technology to ensure that your system works and we use only the latest quality testing equipment.

Save yourself time, hassle and money. Only deal with the Melbourne television antenna experts.

So if you are in need of antenna repairs or installations in Melbourne, choose AntennaIQ to get the job done right for a fraction of the price.

Major Service Areas

We offer our antenna services all over town, from MelbourneSorrento, to Frankston and across to Pakenham.

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